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Images of 2017

I’m well into the ninth year of presenting this blog and I have not previously posted a “year’s best images” entry…and I’m not sure that this post breaks that trend.  What follows doesn’t necessarily represent the “best” images I’ve made this year; I’d categorize the forthcoming image set as among the most memorable images I’ve made this year…purely from my perspective, anyway.

To recap, I took three dedicated photo trips in 2017, which is one more than I’ve ever taken in any prior year.  I started out in South Florida in February; I spent time in California in May; and during a two-week period overlapping September and October I was in Colorado.  All three trips had their memorable moments, scenes and extended opportunities and a few images seem to capsulize that experience particularly well.

South Florida involved some new ground–new locations, including the Everglades, Big Cypress Preserve, the Keys, the beach at Coral Cove Park and more; new subject matter, including a focus on birds (including birds in flight) and the relatively new challenge of photographing in the open, flat environment of the Everglades.

I think the best time to experience the haunting beauty of the Everglades is first thing in the morning, when fog is frequently present–at least during the winter–and I think that’s true regardless of whether we’re talking about the slash pine environment in and around Long Pine Key or the open, almost Great Plains-like environment that dominates much of the Everglades.

Long Pine Lake Sunrise, Long Pine Key, Everglades National Park, Florida

Foggy Sunrise, Everglades National Park, Florida

I really enjoyed the day I traveled to the Keys, whether it was the time spent photographing pelicans or the marvelous, quasi-exotic subtropical environment of the small island that is Bahia Honda Key.

Brown Pelican in Flight, Bahia Honda State Park, Bahia Honda Key, Florida

Bahia Honda Rail Bridge at Sunset, Bahia Honda State Park, Bahia Honda Key, Florida

Big Cypress Preserve is incomparable and the beach at Coral Cove, though narrow, is a beautiful spot from which the Atlantic Ocean can be experienced.

Cypress Swamp at Sunset, Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida

Sunrise, Coral Cove Park, Palm Beach County, Florida

I covered a lot of ground in the northern half of California, from locations with settings as diverse as Yosemite Valley, the Eastern Sierra and the coastal redwood forests.

As crowded as Yosemite Valley can be, I managed to find welcome solitude there first thing in the morning, which was also the time when–if it’s going to happen at all–the mystery of a mist-strewn landscape can be found.  When this confluence of events takes place, the valley is absolutely magical.

Foggy Reflections, El Capitan Meadow, Yosemite National Park, California

With the right timing in the spring, the creeks and waterfalls are running and the dogwood is blooming, all of which simply adds to Yosemite’s ambiance.

Sequoias and Dogwoods, Tuolumne Grove, Yosemite National Park, California

Merced River, Mist Trail, Yosemite National Park, California

The Eastern Sierra region is where Mono Lake and its fascinating tufa formations reside, not far from the streams, lakes and canyons of the Sierras themselves.

“The Pledge,” Mono Lake, Mono County, California

Grant Lake Overlook at Sunset, June Lake Loop, Inyo National Forest,, California

The redwood forests are mystical places that really must be experienced personally to be understood (and even then…).  Photographs may not do these locales justice but they serve as wonderful memory stimulants for those of us lucky enough to have spent some time in these natural cathedrals.

Rockefeller Grove, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California

Coastal Trail, Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, California

Rhododendrons and Redwoods in Fog, Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, California

I continue the process of editing my images from Colorado, but the two weeks I spent there immersed me in a gestalt of mountains, lakes, creeks and seemingly endless groves of trees, regardless of whether my time was being spent in the San Juans or the West Elk Mountains.

Tarn Sunset, Red Mountain Pass, Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado

Horses, Elbert County, Colorado

Aspen Grove, Ohio Pass, Gunnison National Forest, Colorado

Kebler Pass Afternoon, Gunnison National Forest, Colorado

Kebler Pass Aspens, Gunnison National Forest, Colorado

East Beckwith Mountain at Sunset, Kebler Pass, Gunnison National Forest, Colorado

All of the images within this post serve as great reminders of wonderful experiences for me.  While they obviously won’t have that impact on anyone else, I hope that you find them worth a look.

Happy New Year, everyone!  I’ll get back to the Colorado chronicle next time.



  1. This is a great collection by anyone’s standards.These images evoke your appreciation of beautiful places and your understanding of just how to portray them in a way that brings us all along on the journey. Happy new year…looking forward to the next adventure.

    • Thanks, Ellen!

  2. Beautiful collection!

  3. Such stunning captures of the memorable moments of your 2017 journeys. Beautiful post! May 2018 bring your many more blessings and memorable moments in nature. ❤

    • Thanks very much for the kind words!

  4. You certainly had a beautiful year, if these are anything to go by. Best wishes for 2018 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks very much!

  5. It was great fun to look through the images and think, “Yes — I remember that one, and I liked it, too.” I’m looking forward to seeing what the New Year brings you and — as a result — us.

    • Thanks!

      The only thing definitely on tap for 2018 is a trip to Alaska (never been) in late August/early September. Really looking forward to that. I’ll probably do something else fairly small some time in the spring.

  6. ‘Most memorable images… this year…’ -I like that Kerry. I end up with a similar feeling of my travels each year, with or without my camera. But the camera does indeed make those memories extra special Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Mike!

  7. Fantastically lovely images!!

    • Thanks very much!

  8. I loved my opportunity to get into the Everglades last year, but have not yet had the chance to visit Yosemite. Hopefully next year. Happy holidays, Kerry!

    • Thanks, Gary. Happy Holidays to you too.

  9. Nice collection. You had a wonderful year!

  10. These photographs are stunning! 🙂 I love purple so the photo of the sunrise in Florida especially speaks out to me, I wish I could see it in real life as well.

    • Thanks very much!

  11. These are beautiful!!

  12. WOW. What a gallery. I’m simply gobsmacked!

    • Thanks very much, Frank!

  13. I am in studies and not had a lot of time but still enjoy your images. I did a list of “favourites” of mine one year and found it to be quite challenging. In your fourth image, I can almost feel the wind blowing and love the first with the mistiness. Wish you a great year of shooting in the new year!.

    • Thanks, Jane.

      Perhaps I shouldn’t admit this, but I have to confess, I didn’t spend all that much time selecting the images that accompany this post. Essentially, it was an upside down process–I thought about the most meaningful moments and then thought about the images that seemed most representative of them.

  14. Definitely gorgeous and memorable, even for those of seeing it all from your great images. In some way, the images are frosting since you so often distill the very essence of a scene.
    Wishing you a very happy and healthy and memory filled new year!

    • Thanks, Gunta!

      A very Happy New Year to you, too.

  15. Happy New Year! Many wonderful images indeed! Somehow those horses just speak to me… but honestly great job!

    • Thanks very much! A very Happy New Year to you!

  16. It was nice going back to these images, all around the country…have another great year, Kerry!

    • Thanks very much!

  17. Good job kerry and nice collection of natural beauty.

  18. Stunning images ! Have a great 2018! 🙂

    • Thanks very much! Hope your 2018 is a fantastic one.

  19. vowwww..amazing nature

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