Posted by: kerryl29 | February 1, 2021

The Story Behind the Image(s): Before the Convergence

Back in December, there was, as many of you undoubtedly remember, a planetary convergence.  When viewed from the Earth, Jupiter and Saturn were remarkably close together in the western sky.  On December 22, my wife and I decided to have a look, given that the conditions were cooperative in the Houston area that evening.  So, about an hour before sunset, we drove about 15 minutes to a junior high school in a neighboring town, in Houston’s northern suburbs.  I suspected that, from the school’s parking lot, which would be completely deserted between pandemic conditions and the holiday break, we’d have a clear enough view to get a good look.

And so we did.  Once it was dark, the planets could easily be seen with the naked eye, though we got a much better view through a pair of binoculars, through which Saturn’s rings were visible.  I also brought my camera along, even though I was pretty much certain that I didn’t have nearly enough magnification to obtain anything worthwhile.  (I was right about that.)  But even though the would-be astrophotography proved to be a waste of time, the experience wasn’t a total loss, photographically speaking.  Before things became dark enough for our planet gazing, I liked what I was seeing with the sky as the sun began to set.  Though we weren’t necessarily in the best location to engage in landscape photography, I tried to make the best of it.

There were a number of mature trees scattered around an L-shaped open field, surrounded by all sorts of dwellings, a high school (a major complex, across the street to the east of us), utility poles, power lines and other representations of development.  In some respects, it was reminiscent of the experience in Arkansas a few weeks earlier that I blogged about in a prior post.

But I had some interesting cloud formations, very nice light, the half moon and a desire to make something of the situation, so I spent a bit of time examining the position of several of the trees relative to what was going on skyward and came up with what follows.  It was a reminder of the fact that, even in less than ideal places, there’s almost always something of interest.

Moonset, Harris County, Texas

Moonset, Harris County, Texas



  1. Interesting, glad that you were inspired

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