Posted by: kerryl29 | August 17, 2020

The Story Behind the Image: Spring Has Sprung

Seven years ago this past April, I met my friend Tom Robbins at Matthiessen State Park in north-central Illinois.  Matthiessen lies just steps away from the better known and more heavily visited Starved Rock State Park, just south of the tiny town of Utica.  Our primary destination was the Upper Dells area of Matthiessen, but before we made the journey down into the crevice, we paid a quick visit astride Mathiessen Lake, which is formed by a dam on the Vermillion River.  The shoreline area we approached was a bit muddy, as I recall, but we were well-prepared for that.

The water near the lake’s shore has a tendency to be a bit murky, but that wasn’t the case on this trip.  There was no wind to speak of and the lake’s surface was glass-like.  Though the sky was mostly cloudy, the sun–which had risen shortly before our arrival–was softly kissing the elements abutting the waterline.  The foliage across the lake was a mix of fresh spring greenery, with its characteristic hue, and the unmistakably unique color of the nearby redbud trees, which were at their peak pinkish/purplish splendor.

I pulled out the telephoto lens…and, really, there wasn’t all that much more to the production of the image you see below, as the scene essentially framed itself in the viewfinder.  This photograph has more or less served as the embodiment of spring for me ever since.

Spring Reflections, Matthiessen Lake, Matthiessen State Park, Illinois


  1. Man, seven years ago already?

    • Honestly, I had to check the metadta on the image; I thought it had been LONGER than seven years.

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