Posted by: kerryl29 | December 30, 2019

A (Belated) Happy Birthday to the Blog!

In what will be my final post of 2019 I want to make note of an anniversary that went uncommented upon when it occurred:  10 years of this blog’s existence.  The actual anniversary took place back in September, just as I was returning to the mainland from Hawaii.

Cape Royal, Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim, Arizona

This blog debuted on September 25, 2009 with an entry that purported to answer the question “Why Blog?”  If you check out the (extremely brief) text you’ll see that I didn’t have a particularly good answer then; I’m not sure that it’s all that much better now, quite honestly.  But I’ve now posted 373 entries, including this one, since then.  I’m not sure that there’s a real coherence to those posts; at one point I thought that there might be some sort of overarching theme to this blog, beyond the vague my “thoughts on nature photography” tag that appears on the header.  But that hasn’t really been the case, for better or worse.

Sparks Lane Morning, Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

It took quite some time for this blog to find much of a readership.  Well over two years into its existence there were, I believe, fewer than 100 people following the blog.  And then, due to a series of events, readership increased dramatically.  Today…[checks site stats]…Wordpress counts 9417 followers of this blog.  More than 8500 comments have been posted–about half of them by me, as I try to directly acknowledge every comment posted by a reader.  Many of the comments produced by readers over the years have been remarkably incisive and thought-provoking and this interactive nature of the blog has been extremely gratifying to me.

Cottonwood Cluster, Lake Michigan Overlook, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan

Since beginning this blog I have made countless trips–day-long, weekend-length and much longer–to numerous spots in the United States and Canada.  I have, in one form or another, chronicled all of them, though that really wasn’t on my mind at all when I began the blog.  Again, for better or for worse, to the extent that there has been a thematic exposition represented by the contents of this blog, a repository of the photographic trips I’ve made over the past decade has been it.

Horsetail Falls, El Capitan Meadow, Yosemite National Park, California

I don’t know how much longer I’ll continue to present this blog.  I had no idea how long I’d keep it going when I started, though I don’t recall having any sense that it would last for 10 years.  But here we are.  I thank everyone for reading.  I expect to continue providing content well into the future and I hope you’ll all continue to follow along and accompany me, albeit vicariously, on my travels.

On to 2020!

Mooselookmeguntic Lake at Sunset from Height of Land Overlook, Franklin County, Maine


  1. Huge congrats to your decade of blogging. Here is to the next! Happy new year!

  2. Ten years…that’s a big commitment! I for one hope it continues as I really look forward to Monday mornings and reading your commentary as well as seeing the photos. Last week I went to view a blog of another photographer, and there was a note indicating he would no longer be contributing to his blog because everyone has moved to Instagram. I am not among them, so congratulations on the milestone and keep the posts flowing.

    • Thanks, Ellen!

      Has everyone really moved to Instagram? 🙂

      • Not everyone…notably me and you.

  3. 10 years! That is quite an accomplishment! Though I have only followed you for a year, or maybe two, I sure appreciate your teachings, your wonderful photos and wish you continued journeys with your cameras in the new year. Peace.

    • Thanks, Jane!

      I return the compliments to you.

  4. Wow. Some really BEAUTIFUL photos here. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks very much!

  5. Congratulations on your decade of blogging! I look forward to another decade of your photos and posts!

  6. Congrats on 10 years!! 🎉 🎉 🎉

    • Thanks very much!

  7. ….you demonstrate how a raw snapshot, with the right balance of care and daring, becomes art. As a blogger, you are somewhat shielded from knowing how much your posts inspire and educate other would-be photographers. Make the ’20s another of your blogging decades! Happy New Year Mr. Leibowitz.

    • Thanks very much for the extremely kind and generous words; they mean a great deal, doubly so given that the source is such an accomplished, talented artist himself. A very Happy New Year to you and yours, Mr. Weisser!

  8. I’ve been inspired by the way that you travel. Consciously making decisions as you go along based upon where you are and what’s happening there. Please keep them coming because I’ll certainly be reading.
    Thank again

    • Thanks very much for the kind words; they’re much appreciated. And I certainly will keep the posts coming; there should be a new one early next week.

  9. Congratulations your this day of blogging. 10 years have passed your blogging. Now you on 2020 wish you best of luck and continue stay your blogging. Happy New Year 2020.

  10. Congratulations and Happy New Year!

    • Thanks and Happy New Year to you too!

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  12. I love this a lot ❤️❤️❤️ It’s very inspiring and nice ☘️. It would be a great honor to have you check out my blog 🙇

  13. […] the 10 1/2 years that this blog has existed, I have almost completely avoided writing about anything that […]

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