Posted by: kerryl29 | August 6, 2019

The Story Behind the Image: Perfection

My profuse apologies for the uncharacteristically long gap between posts.  This relocation from Indianapolis to the Houston area has been a hellish experience that has sapped virtually every hour of every day for me for nearly three months now.  It’s finally starting to wind down and I will attempt to return to the pattern of a new post a week–if possible–moving forward.

The image accompanying this post comes from the end of my very first–and all too brief–visit to one of my all-time favorite locations:  the Kootenay Plains, located in the front range of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta.  As I have mentioned in the past on this blog, I came to realize just how much I’m drawn to meadows during my forays into the Canadian Rockies on consecutive years earlier this decade.  There’s something about these locations that has a special feel for me that I can’t really explain.

Of these meadows, the Kootenay Plains is my favorite.  I find it so enchanting that I made a special trip there–entailing a two-hour round trip detour–when I undertook my second visit to the Canadian Rockies in 2015.

On the first experience, the previous year, I didn’t have much of an opportunity to scout the place.  We arrived–this was part of the photo tour portion of the trip–when the light was already good and getting better with every passing minute.  Composition finding had to take place in real time.  I tried to size the location up quickly and immediately decided that doing the place justice required putting my grand landscape cap on.  This was big sky country and the best way to convey that feel was to let the wide open nature of the spot speak for itself.  The clouds and the ensuing sunset were exceptionally cooperative and snow-capped peaks, including the pyramid-shaped Mt. Peskett, accented by the stands of yellow-leafed aspens and the dark green conifers, provided the icing.

The image provides one of my fondest memories of a great trip.

Majestic Kootenay Plains Sunset, David Thompson Country, Alberta


  1. Stunning. PS sorry to hear about the hellish move. Moves are quite something. We moved last year– I’m glad it’s over. So many details. Hope you have a great day!

    • This moving process can’t be over soon enough for me. It’s not as though that much has really gone wrong per se…it’s been so much work and drawn out over such a lengthy period of time.

      Regardless, thanks for commiserating. 🙂

      • You’re welcome. I agree- the drawn-out-ness of it is exhausting. Last year, we put our house on the market, had an offer in like 4 hours, but then the whole contract, waiting on buyer’s financing etc took 2 months! All the while waiting… Hopefully you’ll get all settled and be done with it soon. 🙂

  2. Strikingly beautiful image!

  3. I love those groves of aspens among the open meadows, conifers, mountains and the sky-hopefully I will make it out there before the end of summer, which seems to be approaching fast. Hope you settle in and find your muse in the Houston area.At least it has been my experience that unpacking goes quicker than packing-getting utilities set up is a pain with all the deposits, blah, one day at a time. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jane. I hope you get out to the Kootenay Plains this year. If you can’t make it before the end of summer, shoot for some time in the early fall–last 10 days or so of September would be ideal, IMO.

      On my end, there are still some more hurdles to clear, most of them on the selling the Indy house side of things. I’ve said it multiple times–this process can’t end soon enough.

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