Posted by: kerryl29 | March 23, 2016

Coming Soon…

I started this blog in September, 2009.  I wasn’t entirely sure of its (then) future direction, but one thing I haven’t, at any point, done with it is use it for purposes of self-promotion.  I’m going to make an exception to that unwritten, unintended rule because, after years of work, an ebook that I’ve co-written is about to become available.

Lake Superior Sunset, Miner's Beach, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

Lake Superior Sunset, Miner’s Beach, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

Back in the late summer of 2013, as I was preparing to my make my latest foray to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for autumn photography, my friend Andy Richards sent me a working copy, in Word format, of the manuscript he had assembled for a photographer’s guide to the UP, in the hopes that I might find useful when on location.  In fact, I used his notes to good effect, checking out several spots that I hadn’t previously visited in the area.  But before I left on that trip, I read the entire text, from beginning to end.  I asked if he was interested in any help with the project moving forward, particularly since he’d told me that development had stalled as other things had cropped up that had, understandably, a higher priority.  I thought I could help because  I’d spent time at some places that Andy hadn’t visited and between the two of us, it might be possible to make the guide more thorough, I reasoned.  I’ve also done quite a bit of writing and editing over the years and thought I could be of administrative, as well as substantive, assistance.  He agreed, and we began collaborating on the project almost immediately.  As a matter of fact, I did some “research” in furtherance of the goal while on that trip in October of 2013.

Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan

Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan

It’s been 2 1/2 years since we began to expand and adapt Andy’s original manuscript.  Many additional places have been added, existing places have, in some cases, been fleshed out and the format of the text has been modified.  An interactive subject and image index has been developed.  Extensive driving directions and GPS coordinates have been put in place.  The text itself has been proofed and edited countless times.

Red Jack Lake, Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan

Red Jack Lake, Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan

The title of the ebook is “Photographing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula” and is designed to serve as photographer’s guide to as many specific places as the two of us felt comfortable recommending based on our extensive experience in the region.

Upper Tahquemenon Falls, Tahquemenon Falls State Park, Michigan

Upper Tahquemenon Falls, Tahquemenon Falls State Park, Michigan

This post will serve as an appetite whetter, of sorts; the book will be available from major booksellers such as iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. in the next few weeks and I’ll post a more thorough announcement with more details at that time.

Lake of the Clouds Sunrise, Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan

Lake of the Clouds Sunrise, Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan

In the meantime, I thank you for your indulgence.  Andy and I have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the publication of this ebook and we felt compelled to get the word out.



  1. Holy MOLY, Your photography is FANTASTIC, AMAZING…the only thing i would recommend to you is finding another wordpress photo blog that shows your photography BIGGER!!! ~amy

    • Thanks very much! To see larger versions of all of these images–and many, many others–please have a look at my website.

  2. This is very exciting news. Having a comprehensive photographer’s guide to an area is incredibly valuable. Even though I don’t have immediate plans to visit the UP, I definitely will add the ebook to my collection, knowing that the writing, the photography, and the information will be top notch.

    • Thanks very much, Ellen!

  3. Love this photography!! Great shot. Mind if I share it? Linking back to the site? Erin~

    • Sure, feel free to link back to my blog, thanks!

  4. Congratulations, Kerry….I can imagine that it will be a wonderful book. Beautiful images above, too…..

    • Thanks very much, Scott!

  5. Kerry, congrats! What a wonderful accomplishment. I will definitely get a copy when available. I’m glad to see you continue to utilize all of your talents, as your photography continually gets better — just amazing images!


  6. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to more information about the book, as it’s one that I could certainly use.

    • Thanks! I’ll be sure to provide more details once I know that the ebook is available.

  7. Complimenti per l’ebook, sicuramente sarà utile per chi viaggia molto!!
    Bellissime le foto che hai inserito in questo tuo post!
    Saluti, Patrizia

    • Grazie mille! Credo che coloro che hanno intenzione di un viaggio nella regione troveranno il libro molto utile.

  8. Congratulations and looking forward to the release. If dedication and marvellous photography are a prerequisite then this ebook should be a winner

    • Thanks very much!

  9. Kerry, this is exciting – congratulations! I look forward to buying my copy – your amazing work on this blog has been a huge influence on me.

    • Thanks, Lynn! I’ll provide more details once I have it confirmed that the book is available.

  10. Wonderful work and so glad you collaborated with your pal. I am from MI and miss it at times-especially up north! Now in beautiful OR. Carry on–hope to see much more soon.

    • Thanks very much!

  11. […] previewed this about ten days ago, but the Photographing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula ebook is now available […]

  12. Breathtaking!

    • Thanks very much!

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