Posted by: kerryl29 | April 4, 2013

And There Was Much Rejoicing

I’m not ordinarily a procrastinator–quite the contrary, in fact.  But on rare occasions I let things go and go and go…

So, after a hiatus of roughly 18 months, I finally updated my website, Lightscapes Nature Photography.  It was last amended in the summer of 2011.  I should have updated it after spending a week in West Virginia in the fall of that year.  But I didn’t.  And then I spent about 10 days in the spring of 2012 in Utah and Nevada.  And before I knew it I was in Arizona in the late summer of last year.  In the interim, I’d been on day trips to various parts of the Midwest as well.  By now, I had a huge image backlog and was actively avoiding a site update.  It wasn’t until late this past winter that I started filtering through this mass of images to decide which ones to upload to the site.  I finally completed that task and then spent every spare moment I had over a 12-day period doing the actual work involved in preparing the site itself.

Ludlow Falls, Miami County, Ohio

Ludlow Falls, Miami County, Ohio

It was all done as of this past Tuesday.  Finally.  I desperately wanted this task completed before I took off for the Smokies in about 10 days and came back with yet another large batch of photos.  I will never, ever wait this long to prepare a site update again.

In any case, I humbly request that you take a look and let me know what you think.  Some of the new images on the site have appeared here, on the blog, but by no means all of them.  In addition to all of the new photos, I’ve done some administrative work with the galleries, sub-dividing some of what was there to try to keep the per-gallery image numbers to manageable levels.  Labor on the site remains incomplete as I continue to develop a portfolio of my favorite images, but that won’t be complete until some time after I return from the Smokies.

Freeland Farm Dawn, Tucker County, West Virginia

Freeland Farm Dawn, Tucker County, West Virginia

To read about what’s new on the site, you can go here.  To go straight to the jumping off point for all of the new galleries/images, you can go here.   Clicking on each thumbnail will take you inside the corresponding gallery.

Again, please, have a look around and share your thoughts with me in the comments section here.


The Pulpit and Cottonwoods, Temple of Sinawava, Zion National Park, Utah

The Pulpit and Cottonwoods, Temple of Sinawava, Zion National Park, Utah


  1. Nice to have you back and great work; expeically like the last one, the colored rocks of Zion are amazing! Thanks and safe journey, Ron.

    • Thanks very much, Ron.

  2. Beautiful post Kerry, and the website looks great!

    • Thanks Tina, much appreciated.

  3. I like the water with the long exposure and fore, mid and background. And the framing of the trees works for me with the focus on the rock.. I am getting behind in my photos then rush to post them with rather poor exposures and compositions.Will check out your website.

    • Thanks very much, Jane.

  4. Your updated website looks great, as do all your photos!

    • Thanks, Jerry. I really appreciate it.

  5. I like the navigation at the updated website. Hard to remember exactly the previous version, but this has a nice, crisp feel to it.
    Sadly, I tend to be a procrastinator. I deal with the nightmare scenario of sorting it all out all too often. I’m hoping Lightroom might help me with the process, due to arrive today…. 😀

    • Thanks for the response; best of luck on your end. I don’t use LR myself, but I know many people who swear by it.

  6. Your post made my day!

    • Thanks very much!

  7. Kerry, what a feast you have prepared! Each gallery is more scrumptious than the next and I love the way you have categorized the photos; very easy to move around and explore without getting lost. Bravo! I look forward to browsing through everything again this weekend 🙂

    • Thanks very much, Lynn. I really appreciate the feedback.

  8. Really like the set up… my fav is the galleries… I can get lost in there for days 🙂

  9. You’re website looks great =) Congrats

    • Thanks very much, Ana!

  10. Site looks great Kerry! Well worth the effort.
    Best of luck in GSMNP. Looking forward to seeing what you bring back

    • Thanks very much, Derek.

  11. That first image is a stunner! 🙂

  12. Your galleries are very well-organized! It’s tough to keep a site updated when you’re busy. I think we can all relate to that. 🙂
    If you want help with the design side of it (fonts, colors, etc) I can give you a few thoughts there. Send me an email if you want

    • Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. I’ve e-mailed you. 🙂

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