Posted by: kerryl29 | August 23, 2012

Belated Awards Recognition

It’s time to catch up on some very old obligations.  Many months ago, I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by MathiasL and Leanne Cole.  More recently–a few weeks ago–I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Tina of the Travels and Trifles blog.

I’ve discussed the subject of blogger awards in the past in this space, and I don’t really have anything to add to that discussion at present, so I’ll simply move on.

One reason for my sloth in acknowledging these award nominations is that I don’t like to handle the response in a perfunctory manner.  I like to say a few things about the sources of the nominations–in other words, the blogs from which the award comes–and I like to make a few statements about future nominees.

The Nominators (in no particular order)

  • MathiasL posts photos virtually (if not literally) every day, most of them from France.  The subject matter is always interesting, eclectic, and Mathias has a good eye.  Be sure to check out his blog; you won’t regret it.
  • Leanne Cole is an Australian-based photographer with a keen sense, both in the field and the digital darkroom.  If you’re brand (or relatively) new to photography, there’s a great deal that you can learn about many different aspects of the craft by simply going though her posts, and I urge you to do so.
  • The Travels and Trifles blog is Tina R. Schell’s travelogue in words and (mostly) pictures.  The most recent set of posts includes plenty of work from the western portion of the United States and I highly recommend that you check it out.

7 Facts

Depending on the award in question, I’m supposed to note seven or ten or twelve or some seemingly random number of things about myself that blog readers are unlikely to know.  I’ll toss out seven unrelated factoids:

  1. I’m currently reading Passage of Power, Robert Caro’s latest volume in his series on the life of Lyndon Johnson.  Next up on the docket is Founding Brothers, Joseph Ellis’ series of vignettes about American Revolutionary era political icons.
  2. I don’t like going to the dentist.  (Does anyone?)  I don’t have a phobia about it, I just…don’t like it.
  3. My idea of “formal dress” is to wear a shirt without writing and something other than athletic shoes on my feet.
  4. I’m a big sports fan–baseball in particular.
  5. My semi-formal quest to engage in meaningful landscape photography in every U.S. state and Canadian province continues to slowly tick upward and now stands at 19 (soon to be 20) states and one province.
  6. If someone dropped (say) $100 million in my lap tomorrow, the only significant change in my life would be to stop worrying about acquiring money.  With the possible exception of engaging in a bit more photo-related travel, nothing else would be any different.  No new house, no new car, no major purchases of any kind.  I do not aspire to a more elaborate lifestyle.  But I’d still really like that $100 million, so if anyone’s feeling particularly generous…
  7. There are few things I find as fascinating as public opinion.


Rather than formally nominating blogs for these awards, I’m simply going to note a few blogs that I find particularly interesting and worthwhile that I believe deserve recognition and that readers may find of interest.  This is really something that I’m going to try to do on a semi-regular basis–once a year, say–without needing an award as an excuse.  There are many excellent blogs out there that I think deserve an airing and this is my (very) small way of trying to assist in that endeavor.

In addition to the three blogs I’ve already linked above and, again, in no particular order…

  • Wind Against Current:  Vladimir Brezina and Johna Till Johnson, both avid kayakers, blog on that subject and much more, with plenty of interesting images thrown in for good measure.  Highly recommended.
  • Composer in the Garden:  Lynn Emberg Purse is undoubtedly one of the most talented people I’ve ever come across, and you can draw on that experience for yourself by visiting her blog and immersing yourself in her original music, prose and the results of her remarkably green thumb.  Don’t miss this blog.
  • David Heilman Outdoor Photography:  David is a highly accomplished photographer who shoots a wide variety of subjects and has an obvious gift for instruction without being even slightly didactic.  Definitely worth a long look.
  • Scott’s Place:  Scott Brill offers a very interesting mixture of photos and essays and thoughtful reflections on a wide variety of topics.  Absolutely worth a lengthy look.
  • Portraits of Wildflowers:  Steve Schwartzman is a fine macro photographer and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Texas wildflowers that he so beautifully renders on his insightful, interesting and well-written blog.
  • When This Becomes There:  Louisiana-based photographer Brandon Basseaux has a terrific eye and never fails to post an interesting image or two.  Be sure to check him out.

There are many, many other great blogs, but I’ll leave it there for now, to limit the potential for sites to become lost, like single trees in a great forest.  Do yourself a favor and check at least some of the above out for yourself.  I’m sure you won’t be sorry you did.


My wife signed me up for a small photo tour–I never would have pulled the trigger on this myself–with a northern Arizona itinerary, so I’m flying to Phoenix on Saturday and will be gone for a week.  The main attractions are Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  These are all places that have been on my “must do” list for years and I’ve never been to any of them, so I’m pretty excited.  I will likely have limited Internet access while gone, but after I return I’ll begin posting blog entries again, undoubtedly with at least some images from my time away.


  1. That’s quite a lot to cover in a week. If you had the time to spare, I’d suggest including The Painted Desert / Petrified Forest. Looking forward to seeing more favorite places through your eyes and lens. Congrats on truly well deserved awards. I like your approach to accepting them.

    • Thanks.

      The itinerary isn’t mine, this time…it’s that of the tour leader. I’m just along for the ride. This has both its potential advantages (I’m not sweating the details at all; normally, when I’m this close to a photo trip–particularly to a new location–I’m poring over the fine print) and disadvantages (I know I don’t have the kind of flexibility in terms of location specifics that is the case when I head somewhere on my own). Should be interesting to see how it goes.

      I have no extra time–this whole trip, in fact, was unexpected. After hitting UT/NV in the spring, I had no intention of making another jaunt that would require a plane ride until some time in 2013 at the very soonest. But since I suspect that this journey may be a prelude to another trek to Arizona in the relatively near future, I will archive the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest suggestions for next time. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks so much, Kerry, for your kind words about our blog! And congratulations on your awards! We’ve got a backlog of nominations too, so this is an excellent reminder to highlight a few of our favorite blogs in turn. That is indeed what these awards are all about!

    • Thanks, Vladimir. And my comments about your blog–richly deserved, believe me.

  3. Thank you Kerry for the lovely things you said about my blog, appreciate it. Congratulations on your awards, you really deserve them. you have a great blog.

    • Thanks, Leanne. No need to thank me for what I said about your blog; you deserve it.

  4. Kerry, how generous you are! Thank you for the shout out, I am humbled. Congratulations on your awards, you certainly deserve them! I keep returning to linger over your last series of posts – they deserve a book!

    Have a wonderful trip, and I look forward to seeing more great photos!

    • Thanks, Lynn. As for my comments about your blog…if anything, I gave it short shrift. Your work literally speaks for itself.

  5. Thanks for your appreciation, Kerry. Hope you’ll have a hot time in Arizona, in more ways than just the temperature.

    • Thanks, Steve. Doesn’t appear as though it will be too hot in northern Arizona when I’ll be there, but we’ll see. Forecast is for nothing as roasting as the much higher-than-average temperatures I dealt with at Valley of Fire in May.

  6. Congratulations Kerry on the awards. They are truly deserved. And thank you for the note of recognition…I am humbled. I do believe you will have a wonderful time in Arizona. I’m with Gunta…if you have time, you have got to visit the Painted desert and Petrified Forest. They are beautiful places. As with Utah, the best times to really see the colors come alive are early morning or late afternoon. Have a great time, and I/we all look forward with anticipation to seeing your images and reading the descriptives.

    • Thanks very much, David. I’ll be on a very tight schedule this trip so I won’t be able to hit the Painted Desert or the Petrified Forest this time around, but I will definitely keep them in mind for next time…and I very strongly suspect that there will be a next time.

  7. Ooooh, have fun on your next trip! 🙂

    • Thanks very much; I’m looking forward to it.

  8. Many congratulations on the awards, Kerry…so very deserving. And thank you for your kind words and the mention on your blog. We’ve had the conversation before, but I remain honored and humbled by your words. My most sincere thanks.

    Hope you have a nice time in Arizona. I will look forward to your images from my old home state….

    • Thanks very much, Scott and any praise for your blog is highly deserved.

      • You’re most welcome…and thank you, Kerry.

  9. Congrats Kerry! It’s very well deserved! I look forward to seeing your photos from the trip.

    • Thanks very much, Michael.

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