Posted by: kerryl29 | January 13, 2012

Some Administrative Matters

I’ll have a more substantive post in place in the next few days; in the meantime I’m taking the opportunity to deal with some procedural matters.

First, I’ve begun a stint as a guest blogger at 1001 Scribbles.  I’ll be offering photography tips every other Thursday on this very well-regarded and highly-followed blog.  My first post there was published on January 12; you can view it here.  My posts aside, I encourage you to check out Ana’s blog which is eclectic and always interesting.

Second, I’m the recipient of another blogging award.  This one is known as the 7×7 Link Award.  My sincere thanks go out to Amira of the Mind Blur blog for the nomination.  You are strongly urged to check this blog out.  It’s a fascinating melange of poetry, general insight and an insider’s look at the Maldives.  By all means, take a look.

As is the case with most blogging awards, there are some obligations that recipients incur.  In the case of the 7×7 Links Award, those are as follows:

  1. I am charged with posting seven links from my own blog which correspond to a specific category: Most Beautiful, Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, Most Prideworthy.
  2. I am supposed to nominate 7 other bloggers to receive the award.

Let’s deal with the first obligation:

  1. Most Beautiful – This puts me in the rather uncomfortable position of having to determine which combination of my writing and images is the “most beautiful.”  Ugh.  Make that double ugh.  I suppose the meaning of the term “beautiful” is open to interpretation, so I will–essentially by default–choose the one that I feel has the most personal meaning:  The Moment.
  2. Most Helpful – It’s debatable, but based on some feedback, I’ll lean in favor of One Way to Solve an Exposure Problem.
  3. Most Popular – A group of entries, actually; the three installments of my The Mountain State series:  The Mountain State Part I, The Mountain State Part II and The Mountain State Part III.
  4. Most Controversial – That would probably the one where I mused on the existence of a supreme being.  Just kidding. 🙂  I haven’t posted anything intentionally controversial, but the closest thing would probably be Critiquing Critiques.
  5. Most Surprisingly Successful – Absolutely no idea, unless it’s the very fact that the blog itself remains intact 2 1/2 years after it started.  So let’s go all the way back to Why Blog?
  6. Most Underrated – Geez…again, I really don’t know.  I’ll reach a bit here and go with The Photographic Doldrums.
  7. Most Prideworthy – Let’s go with the entry that ultimately proved that the blog had staying power (it was my first post in six months at the time):  Back In the Saddle.

Before I get to the part about passing the award along, a word or two.  This is the third blogging award I’ve been nominated for in the past three weeks.  After receiving the second–the Versatile Blogger Award–at the tail end of December, I took a moment to address the broader matter of blogging awards.  You can read my statement by examining the first few paragraphs of the linked entry.  I still believe what I wrote a couple of weeks ago; while there is almost certainly an element of truth that underlies the belief that these blogging awards are the functional equivalent of a glorified chain letter, I maintain that the majority of people who follow through on the process of passing the awards along take the attached “responsibilities” seriously.  You can see this for yourself by reading the entries that award recipients post in recognition of nomination.  The sincerity of these folks is evident.

All that being said, as I mentioned above, this is the third time in three weeks I’ve been asked to nominate a significant number of blogs to receive the award.  I”ve already selected 15 for other awards and, I’m well aware that there are plenty of recognition-worthy bloggers who want absolutely no part of this process.  That’s fine–it’s their decision to opt out for any one of a number of reasons, none of which are open to question from me.  I don’t want to renominate any blogs that I’ve already recognized and, while I’m 100% certain that there are countless blogs out there in the blogosphere that would be worthy recipients, in the interest of dwindling time (I can’t, in good conscience, nominate a blog that I haven’t been reading for some time), I’m not simply going to go out and troll for some of these to fulfill what is, in the end, a rather arbitrary quota.  Therefore, I’m only nominating two other blogs at this time.

The nominees.

  1. NgTom’s That’s How I See The World demonstrates an uncanny ability to express meaning visually in breathtaking simplicity.  The imagery Tom displays could–and should–serve as an instructive tutorial on eliminating distractions.  Highly recommended.
  2. Steve Schwartzmann of Portraits of Wildflowers posts marvelous images of Texas plant-life (mainly, but not exclusively, close-ups) accompanied by learned write-ups of the subject matter (with some phtography-talk mixed in here and there for good measure).  Definitely not to be missed.

Finally, I welcome people’s thoughts on blogging awards; you’ve read mine.  Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section.  I’ve made some assumptions about what “most” bloggers think, but there’s always potential danger in assuming.  Please express your opinions; I’m quite interested in what you have to say.


  1. Congrats again, Kerry…your work is amazing and you are well-deserving. In some realms of life, demonstrations of appreciation for whatever it is that we’re doing is very rare or non-existent…so I think it’s appropriate to both share and accept appreciation when the opportunities arise.

    • Thanks, Scott…and agreed on the matter of reciprocal recognition!

  2. Congratulations on another well-deserved award! I follow 1001 Scribbles, too — you have good taste. 😉

    • Thank you. Re 1001 Scribbles, I’m tempted to say that I wouldn’t want to patronize a club that would have me as a member, but it’s such a great site that I’ll make an exception. 🙂

  3. I find the idea of awards and statistics etc. a bit exhausting, especially when you have to then have to do a fair bit of work justifying why you’ve been nominated. It might be because of my job (not doing it at the moment) as a university lecturer, where you’re always being encouraged to go for various awards, promotions etc.

    On the other hand – congratulations!!!

    • I wish that these blogging awards didn’t come with a “requirement” that they be passed along to X number of other bloggers. I’d like to see that provision changed to something along the lines of “if you know of other blogs that you feel are deserving, feel free to pass this award along to them.” That would remember any perceived stigma that the award might have among some that they’re perfunctory in nature. I do think that it’s more perception than reality, but there it is. I also have the sense that a lot of bloggers see receiving these awards more as work than an honor, and that really shouldn’t be the case either. Changing the requirement to pass the award along to others would reduce that feeling as well, I think.

      The point of these awards, it seems to me, is to increase awareness of worthwhile blogs. A few weeks ago I read that there are more than 20 million blogs hosted by WordPress alone, with the number increasing with each passing day. It’s pretty easy to get lost with that kind of volume. To the extent that these awards help increase attention to some worthwhile offerings out there, I think they fill a useful niche.

  4. Congrates! These are great blogs you nominated!

    • Thanks, Jennifer.

  5. Kerry, I am grateful to you for your kindness. Your approval and praise is like my respected and beloved Phil Professor conferred an A on me. I could not find any suitable words to express my feeling at this moment, but I think I should write something more about this…
    And before that, I want you to know that you deserve any kind of award in photography, since the pictures proved all the actualities.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Tom. As for the nomination, you absolutely deserve it.

  6. Congrats, Kerry!

    • Thanks, Lynn.

  7. Congratulation you deserve it my friend 🙂

    • Thanks, Jake!

  8. […] […]

  9. I really like your Spruce picture and your touch with landscape. Soft, spoken for and story telling. Congrads on your blogging exposure – great work.

    • Thanks very much; I really appreciate it.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog. You will find more frequent posts at photobackstory. Congratulations on the award. Kerry Collins was my first guess as to male Kerry. Use the middle name. It is less ambiguous. And finally, I have to say that many people have trouble spelling my name – ‘Ho’ hard as that might seem. Don’t sweat the small stuff. As long as they don’t forget to call you for dinner, it’s all good. All the best.

    • Hi Victor. Thanks for stopping by and I certainly will check out your more frequently updated blog. And thanks for commiserating on the name thing.

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