Posted by: kerryl29 | September 25, 2009

Why Blog? (Good Question)

There are approximately four bazillion–I said approximately–blogs in cyberspace.  Is another really needed?

Strictly speaking, no.  But when a number of friends and acquaintances began pressing me to write a photography-related blog, I asked myself two questions:

  1. Did I have enough to say to warrant the effort?  Yes, I concluded.
  2. Would anyone really care what I had to say?  The answer to that question is far more dubious than that of the first.  The jury’s still out, and it will probably remain sequestered for a very, very long time.
Sunset, Cannon Beach, Oregon

Sunset, Cannon Beach, Oregon

But what the heck.  There’s no way to know whether interest exists without giving the enterprise a whirl.  I hope that, as time goes by readers will find my entries thought-provoking, well-written and a whole lot more interesting than this one.  🙂

Til’ next time…


  1. Hi Kerry: I have been asked the same question a number of times. There are a bazillion blogs. Why do you bother? Will your blog get readership or make any difference?

    I have admired your photography on NPN and we have had some useful and cordial exchanges. I, for one, will value what your blog adds to the “mix” and hope to find time to regularly visit here!

  2. Andy, thanks very much for the kind words.


  3. Kerry — I concur with Andy. I am glad you are trying this out. I look forward to reading your insights and thoughts. Thank you for putting forth the effort. I know this is not easy to do.

  4. Thanks, Tom. I’m going to give it the old college try. I’ve got a list of blog topics made up already and plan to get the next installment up in the next day or two.


  5. Kerry —

    I follow folks that only blog when they have something to talk about. Some that have “guest” entries. I have been a guest from time to time on some internal IBM blogs.

    Paul Orfalea’s blog has posts weekly, every 2 weeks or everyday. Just depends on what is on his mind or his . Paul founded Kinkos.

    Post when you can and invite other you respect to post an entry. Enjoy it if you can. I’ll stop by from time to time.

  6. Why blog? If you have more photos as nice as the one above; that is reason enough. I love sunrise and sunset photos.

  7. I blog, therefore, I am. I post photos instead of writing because I think my photos are more interesting. Unfortunately, I’ve not found any inspiring subjects lately 😦

    I like everything about your beach shot – the lighting is dramatic and the perspective is excellent!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

    • I blog, therefore, I am.

      Descartes would be proud, Wayne. 🙂

      Thanks very much for the comment.

  8. ” Is another really needed? ”

    Say, this blog is needed, indeed.

    my one may not…

    • I enjoy your blog a great deal. There’s a real zen feeling to the images that you post.

      • Talking about Zen,
        I feel a lot more in the images you composed.
        In Chinese Landscape ink painting, the artists are
        all looking for a special kind of elevation of spirit,
        that is what they called 境界.
        Few of them could reach in their brief span of life.
        …but, I see that in your pictures and I know I must be right…

        • Well…that’s really humbling praise. Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate the kind words.

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  10. Glad you decided to blog. 🙂

    • Me too. 🙂

  11. The Jury’s still out … Hey Kerry I have a chronic disease and have suffered three MTBI’s the results of which have tortured my life and soul for 35 years or so and have caused me to lose my family, home and probably my mind in the end. I have started, maintained and deleted something like 7-8 different Blogs the current one being only on its third month. i’m sorry but I like you thought… “The Jury’s still out.” Well said.

    BTW, you might want to take the Reblog feature off your page, pretty presumptuous of wordpress to think it okay to put that there eh?

    Eh is Canadian for Huh

    Bless you Karry

  12. Thanks for weighing in.

    You’re right…Wordpress shouldn’t (IMO) have the reblog button as a default. I’ve consciously decided, after much consideration, to leave it in place as I think it has the potential, in some small way, to allow my thoughts to reach a wider audience while doing me no harm. But it shouldn’t be the default.

    Re “eh”…yeah, I know…I have relatives in London, ON. “Eh” is part of their daily lexicon.:)

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